7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself,” we are often told. And while it can be hard to avoid self-pity entirely, mentally strong people choose to exchange self-pity for gratitude. Whether you choose to write a few sentences in a gratitude journal, or simply … Continue reading

Dr. Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide – 6 of 9

DIGESTIVE HEALTH If you suffer from occasional indigestion, constipation, gas, irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive complaints, consider incorporating these simple, healthy strategies into your daily routine. Diet modification, stress management, regular exercise, and prudent supplementation can all be helpful: … Continue reading

Dr. Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide – 5 of 9

BONE & JOINT HEALTH As we age, both men and women experience a loss of bone mass as well as normal wear and tear on the joints. Small preventive measures can help to protect joints and keep bones strong – … Continue reading

Dr Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide – 4 of 9

LUNG HEALTH The ability to breathe properly is fundamental to good health. Don’t take the health of your respiratory system for granted, even if you are not a smoker. Simple dietary and lifestyle steps can help promote healthy lungs – … Continue reading

Detoxification and Wellness

Detoxification and Wellness By: Michael J. Anderson Toxicity: The question is no longer if or whether we are toxic, but rather how toxic are we? In the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) Fourth National Report on Humans Exposure to Environmental … Continue reading

Dr Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide – 3 of 9

HEART HEALTH Simple preventive measures, including maintaining the right mix of healthy lifestyle habits, rather than drugs or surgery, are the best way to achieve optimal cardiovascular function. Use the following to promote the health of your heart: Lifestyle Exercise. … Continue reading

Dr. Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide – 2 of 9

VISION HEALTH The eye is a highly complex and sensitive organ that requires a careful combination of nutrients, protection, exercise and rest for optimal function. Use the following tips to maintain visual health: Lifestyle Don’t smoke, and avoid exposure to secondhand … Continue reading

Dr. Weil’s Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide – 1 of 9

BRAIN HEALTH To help preserve mental function and protect against age-related cognitive decline including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, implement these healthy lifestyle, nutrition and supplement choices: Lifestyle Get 30 minutes      of physical activity per day. Regular physical exercise,      … Continue reading

According to Dr. Weil – Bedtime Snacking

It’s a myth that eating right before gong to bed is unhealthy or will cause weight gain. There’s nothing wrong with a bedtime snack. Of course, at bedtime it is best to avoid coffee, tea, colas or any other beverage … Continue reading

According to Dr. Weil – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? SAD is a form of depression that occurs in the fall and winter months, probably in response to the fewer hours of daylight. Symptoms usually begin in late fall or early winter and go … Continue reading