“Wow! I have such a low tolerance for heat, yet I was able to stay 45 minutes in this sauna. I have NEVER sweat this way in my life. Honestly, I had a moment of clarity and calm in there that I have not had in a while. I have stage IV cancer, four year old twins, and a law practice… it takes A LOT to make me relax and feel good these days. And this worked? Thank you so much… I’ll be back!”  – Shaharzad T.

“I have had several massages here and a facial as well and they were all FANTASTIC! I get back pain frequently and every time I get a massage here the therapists know exactly how much pressure to apply and what techniques to use to make my back feel as good as new.  

The facials here are phenomenal. The Estheticians are so sweet and thorough, and it is obvious that they actually care about helping your skin. I got the Traditional Facial which consists of Epicuren products, and let me tell you, my skin felt the best it ever had after that facial! I was hesitant to get one because my skin is extremely sensitive and I thought I would just break out after. Boy was I wrong! Even the next few days after the facial my skin was smooth and glowing!

Lastly, you HAVE to try their Far Infrared Sauna. I am not a sauna person at all, but this type of sauna is completely different than your average sauna. I was told it raises “core” heat rather than just heating the air like normal saunas do. Honestly, it feels so much healthier than a normal sauna and I can actually stand the heat. Not to mention it is a great way to lose weight!

Can’t wait for my next StressBusters treatment!!”  – Yelp Reviewer

“When I booked my “Groupon escape” at StressBusters, I forgot to tell them I’m pregnant (it’s early on for me), but they were more than accommodating when I arrived, albeit a few minutes late b/c of morning sickness.  I had no idea they specialized in prenatal and post natal massage, but was excited to learn that when I arrived! The receptionist, who was sweet as pie, had changed my scrub to something less ‘fragrant’ to help stave off my queasiness and my massage therapist was very concerned with ensuring my comfort at all times.  And the facial.. A slice of heaven!  She balanced the right amount of education with relaxation and the products she recommended were very inexpensive compared to most spa products!  My skin feels amazing and even with regular facials, I have not noticed it glow this much.  All of the services were excellent and my skin and muscles felt wonderful when I left.”  – Kristi A.


“I went in for an induction massage and went into labor EIGHT hours later. I was a firm believer that the massage would work 🙂 and it did!

The staff are very friendly. I talked to the owner for a while. HIGHLY recommend. Looking forward to going back for a deep tissue.”  – Elizabeth