Over the years we have felt that the placing of stones on the client was of minimal benefit. We have recently discovered/created a very therapeutic way to use the stones, and we use both Hot and Cold stones based on the need.

Hot Stone Therapy

Oil seasoned stones are heated to a comfortable temperature, but warm enough to allow us to profoundly relax your muscles, both deeper and faster than we are able to with just our hands.  Our Hot Stone therapy allows the muscles to unwind and relax so deeply that your mental brainwaves will slow, aiding in mental rejuvenation.  This massage is excellent for arthritic and rheumatic conditions, fibrositis, sprains, strains, back pain, joint stiffness, nervous tension/emotional stress and muscle spasms.  Finally the treatment assists the lymph system to detoxify the body.  The result gives you both the physiological benefits of deep and rejuvenating sleep and one of the best massages you will EVER experience.

55 Minute Session – $110

85 Minute Session – $160

Cold Stone Therapy

This is an add-on treatment to any massage.  We use cold stones to reduce inflammation of blood vessels.  This treatment is excellent for migraine headaches or nflamed muscles as well as sprains, strains and muscle spasms.

Added on to any massage – $25

NOTE: Hot Stone therapy is contraindicated for:
High Blood Pressure
Heart Conditions
Immune Diseases