SB Signature Relief Massage

This is our most requested massage through the years. This session consists of a combination of the most effective massage techniques (Swedish, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology & Localized Deep Tissue) in order to calm the nervous system and release the tension & stress our lifestyles create. Your therapist will customize this session to meet your preferences and enhance your health and well being. Leave your body in your therapist’s educated hands while your mind drifts to wondrous places.

30 Minute Session – $50

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145

stressbusters signature relief massage
pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

StressBusters is the pioneer in the Prenatal/Post Partum/Infant Massage Field. With our specialization that began in 1993, we have helped thousands of women enjoy a comfortable and joyous pregnancy. We are the exclusive referral of Saddleback Memorial Hospital, and work on the labor and delivery floor there. We have also partnered with the Women’s Wellness center at Mission Hospital and do massage work there. In addition we are referred to by Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group, Mission OB/GYN Medical Group, Women’s Medical Group of Irvine, SouthCoast Midwifery and The Yoga Place and offer home visits for high-risk moms who may be on bed-rest.

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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage incorporates very firm pressure applied to tight, stiff muscles. This treatment profoundly relieves stress and tension, stimulates energy, and enhances the natural flow of oxygen and blood supply to the muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is therapeutic and energizing as well as relaxing. An intense massage recommended for those who have recently had massages.

30 Minute Session – $50

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145

deep tisssue massage
sensory aromatherapy massage

Sensory Aromatherapy Massage

This profoundly effective experience is tailored to your specific needs. This massage uses fragrant, natural and pure botanical oils from flowers & other plants. These essential oils are applied topically and/or diffused into the air. Aromatherapy has the desired result of calming & relaxing, cleansing & uplifting or purifying & detoxifying. The non-clinical application of aromatic oils we use are French Lavender, Bulgarian Lavender, Bulgarian Rose, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and several blends for muscle relief.

55 Minute Session – $105

85 Minute Session – $165

Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

Clinical Aromatherapy is defined as “the educated art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants in order to balance, correct, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It explores the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual’s response to aromatic extracts and uses those observations to enhance the person’s healing process,” (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy).

In a clinical practice, aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active method to employ during acute and chronic stages of illness or disease and must be administered by someone who has successfully completed advanced coursework in Clinical Aromatherapy coursework.

Clinical Aromatherapy is a natural, non-invasive modality using single or blended concentrated aromatic extracts that are distilled from plant material, which may include grass, leaves, flower and twigs, rinds, woods, resins and roots. The methods we use at SB Wellness is via direct inhalation, which is the quickest and most effective application, and through direct absorption of the extracts in the form of a massage. Our results have shown that they may calm, sedate, remove pains, help with insomnia, uplift one’s mood (especially after having a baby), provide energy and many other desirable outcomes.

Our Clinical treatments require a thorough intake form being filled out prior to the day of the session (we can email it to you) so our Clinical Aromatherapist has sufficient time for background research prior to your appointment in order to be most fully prepared to serve you.

Note: None of the statements made on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. None of the recipes provided, articles shared, or oils discussed on this website are intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any disease or medical issue. Materials provided on this website are for informational or educational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

55 Minute Session – $105

85 Minute Session – $165

injury rehabilitation massage

Injury Rehabilitation Massage

At both our Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo locations, we have treated injuries due to car accidents, sports injuries as well as a host of others. Techniques may include: Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Trigger Point Releases in order to give you a personalized session that will activate your body’s inherent healing process. May reduce inflammation as well as increase range of motion. Allow us to assist you achieve a speedy and complete recovery.

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145

Sports Restorative Massage

This highly effective massage is combined with a variety of compressions, stretches and cross-friction techniques that focus on muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity. Treatment allows the athlete to train at a higher degree of intensity with less chance of injury, furthermore, your recovery time will be hastened.

30 Minute Session – $50

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145

sports massage
stone massage

Stone Massage

Over the years we have felt that the placing of stones on the client was of minimal benefit. We have recently discovered/created a very therapeutic way to use the stones, and we use both Hot and Cold stones based on the need.

Hot Stone Therapy
Oil seasoned stones are heated to a comfortable temperature, but warm enough to allow us to profoundly relax your muscles, both deeper and faster than we are able to with just our hands. Our Hot Stone therapy allows the muscles to unwind and relax so deeply that your mental brainwaves will slow, aiding in mental rejuvenation. This massage is excellent for arthritic and rheumatic conditions, fibrositis, sprains, strains, back pain, joint stiffness, nervous tension/emotional stress and muscle spasms. Finally the treatment assists the lymph system to detoxify the body. The result gives you both the physiological benefits of deep and rejuvenating sleep and one of the best massages you will EVER experience.

55 Minute Session – $110

85 Minute Session – $160

Cold Stone Therapy
This is an add-on treatment to any massage. We use cold stones to reduce inflammation of blood vessels. This treatment is excellent for migraine headaches or inflamed muscles as well as sprains, strains and muscle spasms.

Added on to any massage – $25

NOTE: Hot Stone therapy is contraindicated for: Pregnancy, High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Immune Diseases.

Couples Experience

Looking for some special time with your loved one? Enjoy some quality time together at StressBusters! This is a wonderful time where each of you will get a Massage and Facial combination. One of you will begin with a massage followed by the facial, and one will begin with the facial followed by the massage. You well relax together after your first treatment with a light snack before beginning the second treatment.

This treatment will not only renew your body and soul, but it does wonders for relationships as well.

55 Minute Massage with 60 Minute Organic or Gentleman’s Facial – $204 each

85 Minute Massage with 60 Minute Organic or Gentleman’s Facial – $254 each

couples massage
swedish circulator massage

Swedish / Circulatory Massage

This is the classical European massage technique, which incorporates long vertical and circular strokes, kneading the surface and slightly deeper muscles. Swedish massage assists circulation by increasing oxygenation in the bloodstream, consequently flushing out toxic debris & soothing stiff & sore muscles. Promotes relaxation, improves circulation and reduces stress.

30 Minute Session – $50

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145

Advanced Integrative Massage

For the customer who has experienced many massages and wants a “wow” experience of relief. This is an intense session that includes passive stretches, Cross-Fiber, Skin Rolling, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. Recommended for those with significant massage experience.

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145

advanced integrative massage
reflexology hand massage
reflexology foot massage

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology works on the principle that by applying pressure to certain reflex areas on the hand or foot, balance can be restored to the body. The way this occurs is by sending messages through the 7,200 nerves that are formed in the reflex zones in the feet. Reflexology seeks to recondition the nerves to send signals to various parts of the body. It aims to persuade the body to correct and heal itself.

A reflexology patient is dressed and positioned comfortably while various parts of the feet are pressed. The foot has a map of the body over it, each area relating to a different organ or body part. Our certified Reflexologist presses firmly into areas on your foot and/or hands for a certain amount of time to send signals to the body to relax that organ or body part. This improves the blood, lymphatic and nerve supply to that area, which facilitates healing and health in that part of the body.

Reflexology creates blood flow through the organs, and this blood supplies nutrition, glucose and oxygen to the body. This alleviates stress on the heart and supplies energy to the body. The lymphatic system cleanses the body, so this aspect helps to clear the body of toxic buildup, helping to keep the body healthy. Through this cleansing and influx of blood and nutrition, all systems of the body are improved. It also improves digestive, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic, immune and endocrine systems. This helps the body to function at optimum levels and helps prevent illness. Reflexology supports the body’s own ability to correct and heal itself. It is a gentle, noninvasive form of healing that works to bring balance to the whole body so that imbalances and illness can be naturally resolved. Additionally it may be used to alleviate discomfort from headaches, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, indigestion, constipation, chest and sinus congestion and fatigue.

Reflexology may be used to alleviate discomfort from any number of immediate ailments, including, headaches, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, indigestion, constipation and chest and sinus congestion among other things. When treatments are received on a regular basis, they will strengthen and reinforce the whole body, making it useful for treating low immunity, digestive problems, depression, respiratory problems and fatigue.

30 Minute Session – $50

55 Minute Session $95

85 Minute Session $145

Massage Upgrades/Enhancements

Hot Stone – A must if you have never tried it. One stroke with a stone equals 5 by a therapist’s hand. After you try this sampling, you will want to do a full Hot Stone Massage for your next treatment.
Added to a 55 min. massage – $15
Added to an 85 min. massage – $25

Foot Scrub Treatment – Put the spring back in your step. We begin with a deep exfoliating salt scrub. After we wipe it off with warm towels, we apply our heel and foot butter and place your feet in warm booties so the product can penetrate deeply into the skin.
May be added to any Massage or Facial – $15

Hand Treatment – They will look fresh & feel smooth. As with our foot treatment, we begin with a deep exfoliating scrub. After we wipe it off with warm towels, we apply our body lotion and place your hands in warm mittens so the product can penetrate deeply into the skin.
May be added to any Massage or Facial – $15

Aromatherapy – This will help you reach a deeper level of healing whether your goal is relaxation, emotional healing or pain management – $10

Intensive Stretching – If you are an athlete or simply intensifying your workout regime, this stretching will help you recover faster and avoid injuries – $10

Scalp Treatment – This will combine extra scalp massage as well as a deep conditioning hair treatment. This great add on helps strengthen the hair with nourishing oils and an extended period of pressure point massage. Take a shower right after or, it is recommended, that you leave the product on for a few hours for a deep conditioning hair treatment – $20

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