Prenatal Massage Enhancements

Sore Foot Treatment
Are you walking around with tired, swollen feet wishing someone could help you? Well StressBusters can!  Your therapist will first perform a profoundly relaxing foot massage to soothe your tired feet. They will then administer a high quality foot balm which will both invigorate and heal cracked heels and feet. Your feet will then be placed in warm booties or hot towels so the product can sink deeply into the epidermis.  This treatment will not only greatly help with water retention, but also revitalize and tone your tired tootsies!

Upgrade to any massage session – $15

Tired/Swollen Leg Treatment
This treatment for our precious pregnant moms helps revive tired, heavy, swollen legs.  The therapist uses strokes designed to increase circulation and uses products made exclusively for StressBusters, to reduce/eliminate the feeling of  fatigue that many moms experience.  Additionally, our exclusive “Sweleze” cream helps relieve water retention and swelling.

Upgrade to any massage session – $35

Stretch Mark Prevention Treatment
Our tummy massage techniques will prepare your skin for the amazing next stage of this application, a nutritive, organic essential oil-infused cream for growing tummies. Our stretch mark cream with cocoa butter and sea buckthorn extract actively aids in keeping skin hydrated and elastic. (Regular use of a stretch mark prevention cream through out your pregnancy is recommended for home use).

Upgrade to any massage – $20