This massage is a professional service provided ONLY by specially certified Pregnancy Massage Therapists. The prenatal massages are conducted with the mom in a side lying and semi-reclining position while relaxing on custom made hydraulic tables.  These amazing tables suspend  mom in a position of nearly weightlessness so the therapist can release and soothe every achey muscle and joint.  Our therapists can eliminate both the physical and emotional stresses that are associated with your pregnancy. If you are blessed with a pregnancy without discomforts, our massages will deeply pamper and nurture you while also increasing the possibility of a quicker labor and with less medical interventions.  If you do however, have pregnancy related complaints, this work will reduce or eliminate back, leg, neck & sciatic pain; reduce edema, swelling, leg cramps, pelvic pressure, hip and shoulder pain.

Pre-natal massage allows you a greater range of motion and activity longer into your pregnancy as well as assisting in more comfortable sleeping. Recent clinical evidence shows by receiving pre-natal massages by properly certified therapists, moms have a shorter, less painful labor and with fewer medical interventions.

You won’t get a feather-light massage from our staff, either (unless that is your desire).   Since we are properly educated and highly experienced, we know how to work with a pressure that is effective, safe and deliciously deep while also nurturing to both mom and baby.

Some massage facilities will not work on a pregnant woman in one trimester or another.  This is a wise legal precaution for them because their therapists may not be properly prenatal certified or are minimally educated in Prenatal Massage. StressBusters however, stands alone as the premier prenatal provider in southern California!  We have specialized in prenatal massage in Orange County for 20 years.  Our work has received several awards in the community, has been featured in the LA Times, OC Register and on the OC TV News channel. Since our therapists know how to position you correctly, you and your baby(s) are perfectly safe with us during all three trimesters.

We have earned the trust (and exclusive) referral from Saddleback Hospital, Mission Hospital, High Risk Physicians, Doulas, Mid-wives, Prenatal Yoga teachers and local OB/GYN’s.  StressBusters is the facility that the female OB’s frequent when they themselves are expecting.

55 Minute Session – $95

85 Minute Session – $145