Skin Care Upgrades/Enhancements

Tired Eyes Insta-lift  –  Look alive with this great add on. This treatment will help fine lines, puffiness and dark circles – $15

LED Light Therapy Treatment  –  We use the MultiWave patented technology to achieve optimum results.  There are two options that your esthetician can discuss with you: Red and Blue LED.  The Red is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while the Blue is to treat mild to moderate acne. – $20 for either Red or Blue

Brown Sugar and Honey Lip Plumping Treat  –  Plump up your lips for a full and healthy look! This treatment will help with fine lines, dry skin and slack skin – $15

Decollate add on  –  Scrub and mask treatment for neck and decollate area to help with signs of ageing – $20

Vitamin C Brightener  –  Help diminish dark spots and brighten up the skin with this great add on for an instant glow! – $15

Microdermabrasion – Get a deeper exfoliation with this great add on to any facial – $20

Hand Treatment  –  They will look fresh & feel smooth.  As with our foot treatment, we begin with a deep exfoliating scrub.  After we wipe it off with warm towels, we apply our hand lotion and place your hands in warm mittens so the product can penetrate deeply into the skin – $15

Sore Foot Treatment    Are you walking around with tired, swollen feet wishing someone could help you? Well StressBusters can!  Your therapist will first perform a profoundly relaxing foot massage to soothe your tired feet. They will then administer a high quality foot balm which will both invigorate and heal cracked heels and feet. Your feet will then be placed in warm booties or hot towels so the product can sink deeply into the epidermis.  This treatment will not only greatly help with water retention, but also revitalize and tone your tired tootsies! – $15

Makeup Finish Application  –  Places to go, people to see… We will give you a beautiful ready-to-go glow with a light makeup application.  We use non harsh products, that won’t clog the pores and will help promote the results of the overall facial. – $15

Scalp Treatment – Who says you can’t get a deep condition treatment for the hair during a facial? This great add on helps strengthen the hair with nourishing oils and a pressure point massage.  Take a shower at our spa right after or leave it in for a few hours for a great deep conditioning treatment! – $20