This luxurious service is great for detoxification, skin purification and weight loss.
Our Body Wraps begin with a natural body scrub to open your pores, enabling your skin to be open to the wrap’s healing properties. The detoxifying mask is then applied to your skin. After, we comfortably envelop you in a special wrap that increases blood circulation and the work of sweat glands, eliminating the toxins and harmful substances. On top of that, we bundle you in a cozy blanket to hold in the heat for product penetration. You will also be treated to a light scalp and foot massage during your treatment. Your therapist then removes the wrap and cleanses your skin using heated towels soaked in aromatic water and you can take a hot shower afterwards if you desire.

60 Minute Treatment – $120

Enhancements (must be specified at time of booking):
30 Minute Massage – $45
Your therapist will perform a full-body Signature massage or they can work on specific areas that you choose.  The lotion used will rehydrate your skin, leaving it renewed, soft and silky.

30 Minute FAR Infrared Sauna Treatment – $30
This will turn your Detox Wrap into the ultimate detox treatment.  FAR Infrared saunas are known for their high level of detoxifying benefit, and it feels wonderful as well.  A perfect enhancement after your wrap.

Express Facial – $55
This is a perfect compliment while you are wrapped.  Your esthetician will perform a deep cleansing facial that will return you skin to a healthy glow.

Hand Treatment – $15
Foot Treatment – $15
Both Hand and Foot Treatments – Only $25
Our hand and Foot scrub treatments will leave them feeling exfoliated and smooth.  We first apply an exfoliating scrub, followed by a deeply hydrating lotion.  We then place your hands and feet in warmed wraps in order to allow the lotion to penetrate deeply.