Deeply committed to the health and well-being of each and every client… Renew naturally.

StressBusters Wellness Day Spa is a pioneering spa for healing massage, effective skin care and stress reduction.  Realizing a need for healing and relief within this southern California community, SB grew by offering effective, uplifting and healing bodywork begining in 1993, providing unique support and care to thousands of clients.  A true love of nature focused SB to choose organic products for all facets of the day spa nearly 18 years ago.  This visionary team has created a wellness retreat that is soothingly beautiful featuring a European elegance with inspirational art, music, and décor.

The total experience is heartwarming and inspirational … the benefits are boundless.

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We Accept Spa Finder, Spa Wish and Spa Week Gift Cards!!
Please note, these cards cannot be used to purchase StressBusters’ gift certificates, are not valid for discounted services and cannot be used for gratuity.
We Are Open to Serve You… Ongoing Safety Measures:
1. Our therapists wash their hands before and after each and every client.
2. Our linens are washed with anti-bacterial soap after each client.
3. Our face cradles are sanitized, and cradle covers are washed after every client.
4. Our spa is regularly cleaned, by a professional cleaning company, using anti-baterial and anti-microbial cleaning products.
5. We wipe down all surfaces, after each client, with disinfecting wipes. As a service provider at 3 local hospitals, we use a product that kills 99.9% of viruses which is approved by hospitals.
6. We stagger ALL appointments to insure social distancing.


Building the Community
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