Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments often suffer visible and painful side effects on their skin.

The treatments, while killing cancer cells, also affect healthy cells including the skin and nails. Patients can suffer from varying degrees of hair loss, rashes, dry skin, peeling, blisters, swelling and loss of feeling.

Our lead Esthetician, Amandine, is licensed in Onconlogy esthetics and has several years of working with these skin ailments caused by cancer treatments.  Her treatment room is all about comfort, with soothing background music and a calming, clean scent.  Each facial treatment includes hand, foot and scalp massages and is aimed at nourishing the patient’s skin… and soul.

The power of touch is an important part of healing. The therapy, delivered by Amandine’s hands and supported with her listening ears, soothes patients’ emotional side.

During your facial, we use a very high-end skin care line specifically designed for oncology work.  It is completely free of any harsh chemicals, dyes or additives, and is non-petroleum based.

Complete line of oncology skin care offerings include:

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Caregiver’s Facial: This 60-minute treatment is intended for a cancer patient’s caregiver or close family, who also endure the stress from the illness.

Hand and Foot Treatments
These treatments are incredibly pampering and beneficial. The esthetician will first perform a profoundly relaxing massage to soothe your hands and tired feet. They will then administer a high quality balm which will both invigorate and heal dry skin. Your hands and feet will then be placed in warm mittens and booties so the product can sink deeply into the epidermis.  Our foot massage techniques combined with organic foot and leg refresher, will not only greatly help with water retention, but also revitalize and tone your tired tootsies, and your hands will be soft like never before!
Hand Treatment $20
Foot Treatment $20

Eyeliner and eyebrow techniques: This 30-minute appointment is for patients dealing with eyebrow loss. Your esthetician will teach you how to recreate the shape of your eyebrows as well as an eyeliner application.