Organic Pumpkin Facial

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Available Now our Organic Pumpkin Facial – Perfect for Fall
This wonderful facial includes our pumpkin exfoliator and autumn mask.
Apples, Pumpkins and Cranberries help restore your skin’s natural moisture
with our limited edition Autumn Harvest Hydration Mask.
Packed with ingredients high in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins
and nutrients to help retain moisture, minimize wrinkles and fight the
appearance of aging and environmental stress on your skin.
Enhance your facial with a pumpkin spice lip upgrade.
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Limited Time Fall Facial – While Supplies Last.

•       Ideal for fine lines, sun damaged & mature skin, and acne issues.
•       Great for anti-aging needs. High in Anti-oxidants,  Vit C, A, E & B
•       Deeply exfoliates skin cells while increasing cell turnover.
•       Hydrates & plumps. Stimulates collagen production.
•       Refines & evens skin tone, and helps with pigmentation issues & an
excellent pore refiner.
•       Pumpkin also decreases oxidation & free radical stress in the skin. It is
extraordinarily effective for dull, sluggish  skin as it stimulates circulation,
promotes healing, and provides vitamin nutrition leaving skin glowing & healthy
looking. If this isn’t enough, it further helps to restore elasticity while allowing
ingredients to better penetrate the skin!