Massage therapy consists of utilizing various techniques and medicinal ingredients to enhance, protect, and heal areas that are in pain due to soreness and injuries. One extremely powerful ingredient that we use is the herb called Arnica.

Arnica looks very similar to Yellow Sunflowers and holds several medicinal properties. It can be used to alleviate pain or tension from bruising, strains, muscle aches, and inflammation, which in turn can aid in athletic or surgical recovery. Despite its relieving and healing qualities, Arnica should not be used on open wounds due to the risk of peeling, blisters, and eczema. However, Arnica can be swallowed in the form of a tablet and provide many of the same benefits as can its topical version. The unique qualities, uses, and benefits of Arnica make it a relied upon choice to elevate the quality of your massage.

In terms of the herb’s physical qualities, Arnica is part of the Sunflower plant family and shares a near-identical appearance to Yellow Sunflowers and Balsam. Despite their similar appearance, each plant performs different functions, which emphasizes the importance of recognizing their physical differences. For medicinal usage and application, Arnica typically comes in the form of pills, oil, and ointments. Arnica gel or oil is typically smooth and leaves the skin without any discoloration or blemishing upon treatment. Based on the physical form and amount of Arnica used to address each ailment one may suffer, the effects and efficacy will differ.

The benefits offered by Arnica are most noticeable following a physical injury which may have weakened various muscle groups or joints as a result. Athletes also suffering from bruises, soreness, and strains will benefit from the natural pain relief that occurs when Arnica is applied topically to the areas which are injured and tense. Before exercising, applying Arnica to areas where pain often occurs can also enable prolonged and more comfortable activity or exercise. Similarly, the high quality of pain relief that Arnica brings, is how we can enhance the healing of your massage. With such an array of functions, the practical benefits provided by Arnica are just as wide. Reduction of swelling, pain, and bruising are all common benefits of topical Arnica. Healing of internal pain can also improve with the combination of massage and topical application.

In summary, Arnica is a key ingredient in many beneficial and beloved products, routines, and services. With the proper utilization, Arnica can prevent and heal injuries, greatly enhance your massage therapy services, and help enable injured athletes to rapidly become competitive again. It works the most effectively when regularly integrated into your massage therapy routine. We have an amazing Arnica lotion that, not only has a high percentage of Arnica, but also includes menthol (which further helps relax muscles and ease tension), Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract (helps with pain, leg cramps, and swelling), and many other beneficial ingredients.

If you have an injury or just need some extra recovery after an intense fitness regimen, be sure to tell your therapist that you’d like our Arnica upgrade! Overall, Arnica is a great herb to consider for those in need of pain or bruising relief, enhanced mobility, and in general, a much more enhanced massage experience.