Immune Support through Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

By: Michael J. Anderson Those of us in the wellness industry have always known of the health benefits of our natural products and services, from massage and skin care to essential oils and herbal supplements.  Finally, the scientific world is … Continue reading

Essential Oil – Mind Stimulating Blend

This is From the Desk of our Clinical Aromatherapist… Mind Stimulating Blend One day last week I had a day like all of us have on occasion; slammed busy from 8am until 9pm. It was already a long day but … Continue reading

Essential Oil – Ginger

Ginger Fresh Essential Oil – Zingiber officinale sold at StressBusters Warming essential oil, often used for digestive problems and stomach upset of any kind. Its warming qualities are good to use for feelings of loneliness and winter depression, aphrodisiac. Emotional … Continue reading

Essential Oil – Joy Blend

Alegria (JOY) Essential Oil Blend – EXULTO Now sold at StressBusters Keep depression, grief and negative emotions at bay with this uplifting blend. This essential oil provides emotional well-being and works to cheer up your mood and brighten your day. … Continue reading

Essential Oil – Rose

From the desk of our Clinical Aromatherapist – Mikki Anderson: Rose Essential Oil the LOVE oil, but SO much more Roses are one of my favorite flowers and Rose Otto (Rosa damascene) is one of my top two favorite essential … Continue reading

Essential Oil – Peppermint

From the desk of our Clinical Aromatherapist – Mikki Anderson Peppermint or Mentha x piperita Peppermint is widely used in food, cosmetics and medicines. It has been proven helpful for many therapeutic purposes. Peppermint is on the FDA’s GRAS (generally … Continue reading

Essential Oil – Lavender

From the desk of our Clinical Aromatherapist – Mikki Anderson Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustafolia) Lavandula angustafolia, or what is known as “True Lavender,” is different from other lavender oils because it is entirely free of camphor, so it gives … Continue reading

StressBusters’ Policy on Aromatouch and Raindrop Therapy

As a professional clinical Aromatherapist with thousands of certified educational hours in Aromatherapy from accredited schools, I am shocked to have recently learned that some very well-known spas in California now offer “Raindrop and Aromatouch Therapy”, using copious amounts of … Continue reading