This is From the Desk of our Clinical Aromatherapist…

Mind Stimulating Blend

One day last week I had a day like all of us have on occasion; slammed busy from 8am until 9pm. It was already a long day but made even longer when two regular clients called with emergency issues that needed attending to. I decided to put our “Mind Stimulating” aromatherapy blend to the test and was amazed at my ability to stay alert and to concentrate on each client during my extended day.

What a difference it makes to have therapeutic, 100% pure essential oils and the perfect blend that works together for the most effective results!!! I am very impressed with this blend and wanted to share it with you.

This is an excellent roll on and you can find It in our aromatherapy section of the spa.

Mind Stimulating Blend

  • Rosemary – Reduces drowsiness stimulates the mind, known for the increasing ability to remember. great for students. Excellent for those undergoing chemotherapy (helps “chemo brain”).
  • Tangerine – Uplifting
  • Peppermint – Helps mental fatigue, clears head, stimulates circulation
  • Lemongrass – Antidepressant, aids logical thinking and good concentration, excellent for clearing early morning brain fog
  • Basil – Uplifting, good for depression or melancholy. Known as a remedy for the brain, clearing head and relieving intellectual fatigue, giving the mind strength and clarity
  • Hyssop – Has invigorating effect on the mind, recommended for poor concentration, mental fatigue and nervousness
  • Pettigrain – Excellent for nervous exhaustion and calming stress related situations. In subtle aromatherapy, pettigrain relates to the intellectual aspects of the mind
  • Orange – Antidepressant and uplifting

Note: Unlike undiluted pure essential oils, which should never come in direct contact with the skin, our blends should be applied to the skin since they are blended with a carrier oil.  Always store essential oils in a cool and dark location.