From the desk of our Clinical Aromatherapist – Mikki Anderson:

Rose Essential Oil
the LOVE oil, but SO much more

Roses are one of my favorite flowers and Rose Otto (Rosa damascene) is one of my top two favorite essential oils (lavender being the other).  The smell immediately takes me back to the northern California wine country ranch filled with aromatic wild roses where I was raised.

The finest rose for aromatherapy, Rose Otto, is from a region in Bulgaria.  This oil is said to be the first essential oil and is distilled by Persian physicians. Its blossoms are most aromatic between the hours of 2AM-9AM and harvesting begins by moonlight – romantic from the start!  It takes 2,000 rose petals to make ONE DROP of rose essential oil, which is why it is so expensive.

Both Rose Otto and Rose Absolute are known to heal emotional wounds/difficulties and for spiritual growth.  It is helpful to calm and bring brightness to the spirit.  It allows someone experiencing “blues” to feel joyful and lighter.  The organ most closely associated with rose is the heart. Rose is associated with romance, connection to God and unconditional love for centuries.

Rose oil is analgesic, antibacterial, is an antidepressant, emmenagogue (supports the start of menstruation… which is why rose oil is contraindicated until at full term).  Studies have shown that rose can increase concentration and attention span, help with acne, burns and eczema and other benefits.

Essential Oil Recipe/Formula:
Baby Massage Oil
Sweet Almond oil: 4 oz.
Rose Rosa damascene: 1-2 drops
Chamomile Chamaemelum nobile: 1-2 drops
Tangerine Citrus reticulate: 2-3 drops
Mix all of the oils together in a clean bottle.  Use as a massage oil with infants three months or older to support rest and relaxation.

* For the above recipe, we have the baby massage oil in stock, and we can special order all the other essential oils.