Your skin is your largest organ but very often the most neglected.  The relationship with your gut health and your skin is intertwined.  You might be excited to learn (since it may all make sense now) that your skin is one of the only ways (besides orally or via the bowels) that your skin can push out toxins or waste it can’t deal with.  So when we see issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and alike, naturally my first point of call is the gut health.  Investing in a good probiotic alongside broths that contain quality collagen for lining repair will help to nourish and support good digestion.  You can check out a post on probiotics here and broth here.  If your acne is predominantly around your mouth and cheeks, it’s a little clue into your gut health being your issue.

Combat Inflammation
Many skin conditions are also a result of crazy inflammation as a result of poor diet.  Inflammatory foods including gluten, sugar and dairy can wreak havoc with our insides and really wear away good gut flora.  My suggestion – apply the 80/20 rule. You might like to pick one of these and remove it (say gluten) as a start and see where that takes you.  Gluten is a disaster for most people, it’s super hard to digest and leads to a plethora of problems.  Cut it out for a few weeks as a starting point and see.

If your acne or poor skin is a result of toxic build-up (as opposed to hormone imbalance, although even then a cleanse can really help) invest in a good cleanse.  In a perfect world we wouldn’t need to detoxify but sadly pollutants are everywhere; found in our water, air, food and environment in general.  Let it be noted, cleanses don’t need to be harsh and drastic. Cleansing yourself should be about eating really easily digested foods, cleaning out the gut and regulating the liver gently.