Get a facial periodically by a skin care professional!!!

Your Esthetician…

1. Has Knowledge and Eperience – She is able to analyze you skin in order to
customize the treatment that will give you optimal results.

2. Has All the Necessary Equipment and Tools – None of us have thousands of
dollars worth of skin care tools at home, but your esthetician does!  She has
exactly what she needs in order to maximize your results based on what is going
on with your skin right now.

3. Has Over 75 Products – No matter what issues you are having with your skin, or
if you just need a refresh, your skin care professional has over 75 products to
choose from.  Therefore, the products she uses will be the perfect fit for your
unique skin type. Our skin changes with time, and you may have noticed that
the products you have at home are no longer giving you the desired results.

4. Will Give You the Experience You Deserve – You deserve to be taken care of
every 3-5 weeks.  Let your esthetician do all the deep cleansing of your skin,
while you relax and drift off to your special place.