Contrary to mainstream thought, our skin is far more susceptible to toxins than our digestive system! If you had to choose one area to invest in organics, it may be far wiser for me to invest in non-toxic beauty products than organic fruits and vegetables. Evidence shows strong proof of how the absorption of nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), a carcinogen found in shampoos and other beauty products, was shown to be over 100 times greater when absorbed via skin versus the mouth.

Our digestive system is built to fight toxins. When we consume toxins, such as pesticides in fruits and vegetables, the enzymes in our saliva and stomach manage to break down a lot of them. Our livers and kidneys also help in detoxing the pesticides – and generally many of the toxins are flushed out.

Unfortunately, the toxins in mainstream beauty products bypass our liver and kidneys and go straight into our bloodstream and tissues. This is because we have no defense systems that work to protect us when toxins are absorbed through our skin.

Even when we put shampoo or conditioner on our scalp for a few seconds, the toxins are immediately absorbed by the 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings that make our scalp their home. From there the toxins travels throughout our blood stream and end up in our entire body.

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