Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root.

Waxing avoids the possibility of nicks, cuts and razor burn that comes with using razors. Furthermore, rashes, and worse case scenario infection, may develop if using a razor that is not properly sterile. These risks may be reason enough to make the switch from shaving to waxing.

In addition to waxing being safer than shaving, wax products are usually made from natural ingredients. This is one benefit of waxing over using topical hair removal creams, called depilatories, which contain chemicals that could irritate the skin. One of the major benefits of waxing regularly is the amount of time it ultimately saves. After waxing, hair removal results usually last about three weeks, which means you can take shaving out of your morning routine and put that time to some other use. Not having to deal with hair removal on a daily basis is a relief for many women.

As far as Laser hair removal vs. waxing: Waxing is less expensive, and a lot less painful. Another potential issue with laser is that people with darker skin might see some discoloration.